What is a Lead Magnet? Top 6 Examples

What is a lead magnet

A lead magnet is any type of irresistible high valued (Usually FREE Download – PDF) offer to potential new customers or clients in exchange for their email. Lead Magnets are a great way to build up your email list. Because essentially, the potential client/customer provides his or her email in exchange for the download. Lead magnet techniques, if done correctly can also be the first step of a very powerful sales funnel, with up sells and down sells. So, If you don’t have some sort of a lead magnet in place for lead generation, you are definitely behind the curve and need to get one up and running as soon as possible.

Now that we know what a lead magnet is, let’s take a look at the recipe and then some specific examples, so that if you don’t already have a lead magnet in place you can find a little inspiration here to get kick started.

Lead Magnets are usually downloadable digital products:

  • Cheat Sheets
  • eBook
  • Video
  • PDF
  • Check List
  • Report

So, what is the exact recipe that makes a great lead magnet. I use the acronym D.I.S.S.H.W.D. to help me out. Each letter represents a concept for creating a fantastic executable lead magnet.

  • Demonstrates Expertise. You need to make sure you both have and convey the expertise you want the potential customer/client to consume.
  •  Instantly Accessible. Lead Magnets work best if they are available immediately. I have also heard the (I) stands for instant gratification.
  • Solves a real unique problem. The lead magnet must create a solution to something.
  • Specific. The lead magnet should be specific and not be broad or generalized, if so, it won’t work. The more specific and unique the better.
  • High Valued. This is both actual value and perceived value. Should be able to charge money for.
  • Win. The lead magnet must promise a win and deliver it too. In other words they can achieve something needed with it.
  • Digestable. The quicker and easier the content is digested and executed the better. A check list pdf is quickly consumable, while an eBook isn’t.

Now that you have seen the recipe for a great lead magnet let’s take a look at some graphic examples below. I have actually used the samples below. Comment below with your favorite example or tell is the one you like best or the one that you are most inspired by.

Below are Examples of what I have found to be the Top 6 Most Effective Lead Magnets.

1. The Tutorial 

This is my favorite and I use have used it a lot (15 times to be exact). It specifically teaches someone to do something (A valuable skill or technique). I use this magnet the most because it works the best for conversions which are subscriptions, emails and purchases. I give away a high valued training in the form of a PDF and Video Walk-through. It is a give away that I would normally charge at least $199 for.



2. The Checklist

The Checklist Lead Magnet also does well for me. I simply take a popular course or post and turn it into a checklist format, create the PDF and record the video walk-through. Making the lead magnets as high valued and consumable as possible is the key I have found.


Lead Magnet - Checklist


3. The Swipe File

The Swipe File lead Magnet is pretty irresistible. I mean, you simply download and swipe. The below sample is really cool because you can easily copy & paste then integrate the headlines into your own social media advertising.


Swipe File Lead Magnet


4. The Template

Even more irresistible than the Swipe File Lead Magnet, is… the Template Lead Magnet, it is so powerful because all you have to do is copy & paste, customize a bit and voila!


Template Lead Magnet


5. The Script

The script is a great lead magnet if your demographic needs to write or create something like a video. Businesses, agency or entrepreneurial often need a video script for something. You can even combine the Template (video content) with Script (written content) for a dynamic duo knockout lead generation tool.



6. The Example

The example lead magnet is also a very effective, because everyone in almost every industry for the most part searches for examples of proposals, letters and so on for inspiration. The best example I have found success with is the Sample Client Proposal.


Example Lead Magnet


Well that pretty much wraps up what a lead magnet is and my top 6 most effective examples. If you have questions and need assistance in any way, feel free to reach out and or comment. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for reading.

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