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Google has once again changed web design criteria for indexing

At least 2 of Google’s new requirements are Mobile First Optimization and Mobile Speed Optimization to keep or to increase your sites SERP’s (search engine results pages). Many have struggled to quickly develop a mobile version of their site when Google revealed that non mobile sites would no longer get SERP’s preference. Many quickly scramble to create a mobile version of their site, however, if you only do that you’re only setup for the desktop and mobile version. What about tablets, laptops and other devices like Amazon’s Kindle? The answer is simple and quite easy: Responsive Web Design. Responsive means that the website will adapt and adjust the display size based on the device that is viewing the content. 100% of Topher’s web design include a responsive design. But, a responsive site doesn’t specifically optimize for mobile or mobile first. A developer/designer has to do that. Basically assuring text is large enough and that the links aren’t to close together using CSS and then running the site through Google’s Page Speed Test. There’s a number of additional criteria and standards Google uses to determine where a site ranks for any search and choosing a Web Designer that’s in the know about them is pinnacle to assuring you can get the most of your online presence.

Web Design

Over 3,900 Web Design Projects Completed

Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire has completed over 3900 web design projects since 1988. With over 25 years experience with PhP, SQL, HTML, HTML5, CSS, Python and JavaScript you can be assured that whatever it is you can think of or dream of for a website, Topher has probably done it. When not creating his own WordPress themes, one of Webfolkster’s favorite WordPress themes to use is the Ultra Theme by Themify because it is great for rookies and veterans of WordPress alike. For the absolute best hosting on the planet – LITERALLY! Webfolkster uses SiteGround

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