Realtor Eva Loken Review of Webfolkster

Eva Loken

Realtor Eva Loken Review of Webfolkster – In 50+ years as a Realtor®, I have never generated results like those that I got after taking Webfolkster courses! I have probably done more than most. I have taken the following courses: Web design & App development, Landing page design and all of the social media digital marketing courses. I decided it was worth the time to take care of my own digital marketing. As a Realtor® there’s no real way to scale my business unless I want my own brokerage, which I have a desire for. I knew I had to figure out a way to leverage my time and focus more on creating a listings inventory. After taking Webfolkster’s courses and having built my own Website, Mobile App and Conversion Based Landers I began to take the social media ad courses. I learned so many valuable skills and techniques and started driving traffic for app downloads and listing appointments. I spent $2500 and acquired 1300 new app downloads (in a community of only 38,000) and 8 listing presentations that converted to 5 listings. I generated another 3 listings through my mobile app and am now referring buyers to the newer agents in our office.


– Eva Loken, Realtor®

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