Dr. Emily McMahan Review of Webfolkster

Dr. Emily McMahan
Webfolkster’s online digital marketing courses have been absolutely AMAZING for my medical practice! Both my Office Manager and Billing staff have taken the Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn advertising for beginners courses as well as the conversion based landing page course. Before gaining the knowledge, insight and discovering the correct way to do social media advertising, we just wouldn’t advertise on Facebook or other platforms because when we did it was a huge waste of time and money. Sure, we optimized for clicks (which was actually incorrect for my business type) and we would get  a massive amount of clicks but no conversions. Literally none! Now that we know what we’re doing and how to properly setup our ad campaigns coupled with driving the high valued traffic to a properly designed and setup landing pages we now have a 7% conversion rate. For every 100 clicks we land 7 appointments. We don’t have any where near the amount of clicks but the clicks are better quality and even prequalified. When we retarget the same hundred folks, we gain another 3-5 appointments increasing our conversion ratio even more. We are very pleased with the knowledge and expertise we gained from Webfolkster’s digital marketing courses.
– Dr. Emily McMahan

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