Digital Hold Line Review of Webfolkster Courses

Digital Hold Line Review of Webfolkster Courses
For my Digital Hold Line Review of Webfolkster Courses I have to say this… I wish there were ten stars to select here,  Webfolkster deserves every one! Topher, aka (Webfolkster), hit a home run with with his online social media marketing courses! His people skills coupled with his magnificent teaching skills helped get my business website place on Google, Bing & Yahoo’s front page search results for all my keywords. The website has gotten the attention of new clients and customers in very quick time. I am so very happy that I found and registered for Webfolkster’s digital marketing courses. I also took his Facebook for beginners course even though I have advertised many times on Facebook. The results I generated with the new information and skills I gained from the trainings more than tripled my normal return on investment. For every dollar I spend on Facebook I generated an average of $3.68 and my new customer acquisition cost was reduced from $19 to $7! The combination of getting more clicks and driving those clicks to great conversion based landing or sales pages was the golden key.
– Michael McGaughey

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