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Arctic Chiropractic

My Arctic Chiropractic Review of Webfolkster in a nutshell is simply this… Holy Cow! I now spend $1000’s less and have more than quadrupled my returns thanks to Webfolkster’s social media digital marketing courses.  Arctic Chiropractic has over 21 locations and each of the respective locations office manager’s has their own program or systems in place for advertising. When I sat down with the manager and realized I was spending close to $6k monthly per office on Facebook and Twitter ads with only around 12 appointments from each my jaw dropped! That works out to be a $250 new patient acquisition cost. Way too high. I heard about Webfolkster’s courses from a colleague of mine while attending conferences for my continuing education units. I was actually very skeptical at first and so only signed up for one course. After browsing the course, I asked one of the office managers to learn the material and she began to apply some of the tips and strategies for just one location on Facebook. We were completely blown out of the water. It actually worked. We spent $2000 and scheduled 74 appointments. That’s only a $27.03 new patient acquisition cost. You do the math and then apply that to over 20 locations. I had no idea how simple yet highly strategic tricks could generate more new patients than I ever thought possible.

– Dr. Woody Waldroup

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