send pushnotices using your wordpress website

Send Push Notices Using Your WordPress Website

Are you interested in opening up a new online digital communication channel that will increase the engagement and conversions rates of your WordPress website?

If you answered yes to that question this video is definitely for you, because I am going to show you can get better engagement and conversions by opening up a new communication channel via your WordPress website using a WordPress plugin that enables you to send push notifications to site users in any browser including mobile and the best part is it’s FREE!

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So the first thing you’re gonna wanna do is click on the first link in the YouTube description titled FREE WordPress Push Notice Plugin and establish an account there. Then generate the Smart Code, copy it. Then login to the backend of WordPress and paste that code before the head tag on each page of your website. If you are using a WordPress theme like the themes I use that has a feature allowing you to paste the custom code one time in the theme setting you can do that instead.

Next, on the backend of WordPress search WordPress.Org for the PushCrew plugin. Install and activate this plugin.

Now, find and copy your PushCrew account ID and copy this ID and paste into settings section of the plugin and save.

Go back to PushCrew’s site now and then configure all the browser setting for each browser you want to send push notifications too and Voila! you’re ready to send your first notification!

It’s thats simple, no coding and FREE to start.

If you need any help please leave a comment in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to get to you straight away and I hope you enjoy.

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