Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Courses & Intellectual Property Type Licenses

Webfolkster’s position on refunds for his digital marketing courses and WordPress themes or other intellectual property licenses is pretty simple. Absolutely no refunds. The reason for this is because it is too easy to simply copy and paste all the course content and then cancel for a refund. If you purchased a WordPress theme, once you download the theme zip file (and then request a refund) there is no way for us to verify if you have or haven’t installed the theme on a website.

In very rare instances a purchase may have accidentally made (I don’t know how, but I’m sure it’s possible) or even a fraudulently purchase may have been made. Webfolkster will research and investigate such situations on a case by case basis.

Remember, Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire is a stand up guy and person of integrity and while he knows that not everyone is honest he gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Webfolkster.Com reserves the right to add or take away from this Refund Policy at anytime without notice and you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed and up to date about any changes.

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