Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Webfolkster takes your privacy seriously. That being said, we are also very transparent and disclose any type of tracking we use before we use it. We then give you the site user an option to opt out of any tracking, outside of keeping record of and tracking information related to your account as a registered user or customer at Webfolkster.Com. We keep these records in order to provide you with the best possible user experience as a registered user/customer while using the Webfolkster.Com website. We use cookies and login session data as related to your account, purchase history and associated email address.

We use tracking pixels when driving paid advertising– in order to best identify, target and reach prospective customers/clients who would most likely take advantage of our website services. If and when we do this, you will be given and opportunity to opt-out.

Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire is a stand up guy, family man and person of integrity. He would never ever share, sale, disclose or otherwise do anything with your information other than assure it is used to provide the best user experience at Webfolkster.Com and to assist with your success as a student/learner of digital marketeer.

To opt-out right now of all storage and record keeping, including account information send an email here: eMail Webfolkster Opt-Out

Webfolkster.Com reserves the right to add or take away from this Privacy Policy at anytime without notice and you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed and up to date about any changes.

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