Master the Checklist Lead Magnet

Check List Lead Magnet

The highest converting of all lead magnets is the Checklist lead magnet.  I think the main reason for this is because a checklist is highly digestable and it shows a step-by-step procedure to accomplish a task, whatever it may be.

I also think the high conversions of the checklist is so successful, in part because more people use them as their primary go to magnet and because this is the easiest to also create. For example, I can pretty much take anyone of my video tutorials or blog posts and easily convert them into compiled and laid out actionable steps A.K.A. the check list lead magnet.

Check List Lead Magnet

Before you go any further and start trying to turn your blog posts into high converting checklist lead magnets you will need to at least cover the basics. I cover those in a previous post: What is a lead magnet?  In that article I laid out a recipe for a successful lead magnet. I have also included that recipe below.

I Remember the ingredients to all lead magnets using this acronym: D.I.S.S.H.W.D.

  • Demonstrates Expertise. You need to make sure you both have and convey the expertise you want the potential customer/client to consume.
  •  Instantly Accessible. Lead Magnets work best if they are available immediately. I have also heard the (I) stands for instant gratification.
  • Solves a real unique problem. The lead magnet must create a solution to something.
  • Specific. The lead magnet should be specific and not be broad or generalized, if so, it won’t work. The more specific and unique the better.
  • High Valued. This is both actual value and perceived value. Should be able to charge money for.
  • Win. The lead magnet must promise a win and deliver it too. In other words they can achieve something needed with it.
  • Digestable. The quicker and easier the content is digested and executed the better. A check list pdf is quickly consumable, while an eBook isn’t.

After you have assured you have all the ingredients above the only thing you must do to master the checklist lead magnet is to make sure every single step of the checklist is individualized and actionable, progressively leading to the next step until the specific winning problem is solved.

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