How To Checklist Template

How To Checklist Template

The number one thing that keeps any digital marketing or online business going are leads. So, when it comes to generating high quality leads that convert into actual paying customers– I have found that nothing works better than the How To or Checklist Lead Magnet. And when it comes to Lead Magnet success, I have found through trial and error a template system that I use every-time. It’s a surefire way to acquire new prospective client emails and thus leads. I am including those 4 templates as a free download in this page below

4 X – ROI (Return on Investment) Using How To Checklist Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is basically defined as an irresistible bribe that promises high valued solutions. A great example, is this web page here, where I am going to offer you 4 How To Templates for creating your very own How To Checklists in PDF format– you can copy, change, edit and make your own. These templates are the exact formats I have used to generate 25-35 leads for every $500 ad spend on Facebook.

Side Note: If you don’t already know me, you’re going to find that, I am a stand up guy and will always be on the up and up with you. I am very honest with my results and won’t lie, embellish or over exaggerate them. I am man of integrity – period.

Turn 25-35 Leads into 2 Conversions Almost Instantly

So anyways, those same 25-35 or so leads when I run them through my Facebook Advertising for Agencies sales funnel, both the (linear) and dynamic twists and turns with instant offers… up-sells and down-sells etc.,  I get 2 actual conversions or  course students at $995 each. So, the $500 I spent on Facebook offering 4 Free How To Checklist Templates generated $1990. That’s 4 X ROI return on investment. All I needed was their eMAIL to send the template to and they had no problem with that. They then became registered site members and part of my email list. So, voila! There you have it.

Now imagine an ad spend of $10,000… The 4 X ROI would be $40K!

If you’re interested in learning how to do this, here’s the bribe… I need your email address or you can register on this site and I will send you the 4 PDF’s. As a registered community member you’ll also gain access to all kinds of FREE – High Valued digital marketing stuff.


Before you do that though, I need to make sure you also have the right recipe and ingredients to put into your 4 new editable PDF’s or the How To Checklist Templates won’t work. You can also read this blog post here, Master The Checklist Lead Magnet and or Find the recipe below:

How To Checklist Template – I Remember the steps using this acronym: D.I.S.S.H.W.D.

  • Demonstrates Expertise. You need to make sure you both have and convey the expertise you want the potential customer/client to consume.
  •  Instantly Accessible. Lead Magnets work best if they are available immediately. I have also heard the (I) stands for instant gratification.
  • Solves a real unique problem. The lead magnet must create a solution to something.
  • Specific. The lead magnet should be specific and not be broad or generalized, if so, it won’t work. The more specific and unique the better.
  • High Valued. This is both actual value and perceived value. Should be able to charge money for.
  • Win. The lead magnet must promise a win and deliver it too. In other words they can achieve something needed with it.
  • Digestable. The quicker and easier the content is digested and executed the better. A check list pdf is quickly consumable, while an eBook isn’t.

After you have assured you have all the ingredients above the only thing you must do to master the checklist lead magnet is to make sure every single step of the checklist is individualized and actionable, progressively leading to the next step until the specific winning problem is solved.

Where Should I Send Your 4 FREE PDF Lead Magnet Checklist Templates

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