Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Webfolkster established the below community guidelines to help create generalized boundaries and limitations so that our community will grow and to foster a helpful learning environment.

  1. Be polite.
  2. No bad language or profanity.
  3. Don’t infringe upon others content: Images, videos, text and the like.
  4. No bad rapping our community.
  5. Be helpful.
  6. Ask for help, if needed.
  7. Don’t be bugging or stalking people.
  8. Do not spam this community.
  9. Your content is yours. But when you publish content on Webfolkster.Com you give us an irrevocable right to use it.
  10. No fake profiles or multiple accounts (we will catch this and block all associated IP’s).
  11. 3 strikes and you’re out.
  12. You must be at least 13 yrs. old or have a parents permission.

We reserve the right to add or take away from the community guidelines policy and you acknowledge it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed and up to date about any changes.

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