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The Case Study as a Lead Magnet

Do You need a Case Study Template? A case study is a convincing and actual real life example of how businesses, agencies, entrepreneurs or even individuals can benefit from a specific product or service. If the case study does well demonstrating its value it can easily sway a buying decision. Case studies are essentially testimonials on steroids that focuses on a problem and the specific solution for that problem.

So You Want Your Case Study To Standout?

Typically when it comes time to generating case studies, digital marketeers, often search for examples of their competitions case studies or those generated, perhaps from previous their digital solutions. For example. A Facebook A/B Split Test Case Study Analysis can easily be used as an example case study for generating one for Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. I know what you’re thinking… you want your case study to stand out, so why would I want to model it after someone else’s?

The answer to that question is simple. It’s not about copying or plagiarism, which I highly discourage. Rather, it’s about taking a success layout or design and simply dropping your own content results, text, images, graphs and so on as it pertains to your digital product or service that actually creating a valuable solution for a client.

Use A Case Study Template Just As An Outline

Using a Case Study based template as an outline for generating a case study also helps streamline and speed up your work flow so you can quickly focus on publishing it and move on to other tasks.

If you want 4 separate case study templates to download that can be 100% edited, changed and made so you can claim it as your own simply give me an email where to send the PDF’s. The templates are my exact outline of what I use to create high powered templates to sway a potential clients buying decision my way almost everytime.


Before you do that though, I need to make sure you also have the right recipe and ingredients to put into your 4 new editable PDF’s or the How To Checklist Templates won’t work. You can also read this blog post here, Master The Checklist Lead Magnet and or Find the recipe below:

How To Checklist Template – I Remember the steps using this acronym: D.I.S.S.H.W.D.

  • Demonstrates Expertise. You need to make sure you both have and convey the expertise you want the potential customer/client to consume.
  •  Instantly Accessible. Lead Magnets work best if they are available immediately. I have also heard the (I) stands for instant gratification.
  • Solves a real unique problem. The lead magnet must create a solution to something.
  • Specific. The lead magnet should be specific and not be broad or generalized, if so, it won’t work. The more specific and unique the better.
  • High Valued. This is both actual value and perceived value. Should be able to charge money for.
  • Win. The lead magnet must promise a win and deliver it too. In other words they can achieve something needed with it.
  • Digestable. The quicker and easier the content is digested and executed the better. A check list pdf is quickly consumable, while an eBook isn’t.

After you have assured you have all the ingredients above the only thing you must do to master the checklist lead magnet is to make sure every single step of the checklist is individualized and actionable, progressively leading to the next step until the specific winning problem is solved.

Case Study Downloads Below

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