About Webfolkster

About Webfolkster

Meet Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire

If you want to know more About me – About Webfolkster (had to put that in there – “About Webfolkster” you know for SEO), all you really have to do is a quick Google search and find that I have all 5 star reviews and that my clients are all super happy with me 🙂 or at least the ones that were willing to take the time to give me reviews – LOL! If you don’t want do that, I basically toot my own horn below and break both arms patting myself on the back. If you can’t already tell I like to hear myself talk…

Now, I am going to continue to talk about myself in the 3rd person because I want you to think someone else is bragging about me… NOT LOL! and switching to first person suddenly can throw a wrench in the COG of one of Google’s indexing bots.

Over 29 Years Online, Web and Digital Marketing Related Services

With over 29+ years experience in web design and 10+ years developing apps for business you can rest assured you are getting the absolutely best digital marketing products possible. Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire designed and developed his first website in 1988 while enlisted in the U.S. Army as a 75B (Personnel Admin Specialist), it was actually a very archaic bulletin board for newly arriving soldiers to acquire information and guidance on their new duty stations. Topher has used the internet when it was still at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and as it evolved every step of the way.

About 7 or 8 years ago out of necessity Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire began to teach himself digital marketing. He became a DIYDM (Do It Yourself Digital Marketeer) Learning from the “school of hard knocks” and spending his own money!

It was a super crazy time in my life. I was living in an apartment in Anchorage, Alaska with my girlfriend Michelle, now my bride. We also had just recently welcomed Paxon Maguire into the world, now he’s 6 years old. Michelle and I were working together on a new magazine launch surrounding the different lifestyles of Alaska – SaFire Magazine. Besides the huge expenses of a magazine launch, and the responsibilities of parenthood there was also the need for marketing it and an expensive agency was absolutely out of the question! To top it all off Michelle and I made an offer on a fixer-upper house in Eagle River, Alaska. We closed on the property July 2013 and later discovered the house was unsalvageable and had to be completely demolished. The only thing we could use was the cinder block foundation. So now we were building a new house, business and family, all at the same time and Michelle and I had known each other less than a year! Finances were very very tight to say the least and any money spent anywhere needed to matter.

Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire is Self-Taught

Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire had to learn all the marketing aspects of the digital world despite knowing how to build websites or mobile apps and being good at it. You see, he quickly learned that building a website and website SEO search engine optimization or even website speed optimization are all very different services and while related to each other, each one requires very different skillsets. As does SMM or social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, pay per click and so on. I think you’re getting the point here, right?

There Was And Never Will Be a Plan “B”

Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire literally taught himself every single aspect of digital marketing and could not fail doing it! After all he had a bride, child, home and business depending on his success. There was no safety net! No plan B in his mind. Just the drive to succeed. That same character was evident amongst the business community in Alaska and Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire was often asked to share his knowledge and to give pointers here and there as if he had found the Holy Grail of Digital Marketing. Later, many businesses asked him about fees for Webfolkster to handle their digital marketing and even acted as a consultant for very high end Advertising Agencies not only in Alaska but also abroad. Webfolkster found his greatest success professionally as a full service digital marketing agency.

Teaching Others How To Get The Most Out of Digital Marketing

So, what about the here and now? Well, Topher successfully built and still owns the house he built with his own 2 hands, in Eagle River, Alaska (now rented out). He and his bride, Michelle have also added another member to the family, Ryker a boy. So, Paxon is now 6 and Ryker 3. His wife successfully completed her degree with his support and commissioned as an active duty infantry officer in the US Army and she will shortly be attending Ranger School. Good Ole Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire still takes on web, app and agency clients on a very very part-time basis but has shifted his full-time goals and aspirations to educating and teaching businesses, entrepreneurs, agencies and even individuals how to get the most out of their digital marketing. Webfolkster doesn’t claim to be a guru, hasn’t made millions and millions of dollars, and doesn’t own a lambo. But he has built a family, built a house, built and sold a brick and mortar business, put his wife through college, while caring for 2 small children and all this as the primary bread winner running a part-time full service digital marketing agency.


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Note: Topher "Webfolkster" Maguire does not outsource or use any type of automation. Therefor his time is money (literally) and the digital marekting services offered, while very effective are also expensive. But, you get what you pay for -- The Best! With that being said, aside from requesting a quote you will also need to submit an application that will need to be approved. There are a limited number of agency relationships and projects that can be taken on each year. Every application is looked at based on a number of factors. Once submitting this form you will be taken to the Client Acquisition Application page.

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