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Learn digital marketing the modern way with Webfolkster® online digital marketing courses. Courses on everything from web design and app development to social media marketing, pay per click and everything in between.

Learn the best digital marketing practices for both localized and national businesses.

What You Can Expect To Learn from Webfolkster’s Digital marketing Courses?

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Conversion Based Landing
Page Design Courses

Digital Marketing Courses

Even if you have a great CTR (Click Through Ratio) those clicks have to land on a page that is designed to meet the conversion objective. Some examples would be to capture an email, generate a purchase, create an inbound call and so on… Webfolkster’s Landing Page Creation – digital marketing courses are set up to teach you exactly how to design landing pages for your conversion goals. Expect to learn the most modern and up to date best practices when enrolling in any Webfolkster digital marketing courses.

Social Media Advertising
+ Pay Per Click Courses

Digital Marketing Courses

ROI Matters! Getting enough click volume from paid social media advertising plays a major role in any successful digital marketing advertising campaign. Not only that, the quality of the clicks play just as important of a role. To get both quantitative and qualitative results to the landing page to reach the conversion goals takes proper targeting and ad copy. Webfolkster’s digital marketing courses teach todays best practices and techniques to get the most out of your ad spend and increase your ROI!!!

Content Marketing, Email + Inbound Courses

Digital Marketing Courses

Inbound, content marketing and eMail campaign digital marketing courses by Webfolkster are modern, cutting edge and intuitive. Learn how the digital properties you own can become inbound powerhouses, driving traffic, that pay off again and again! Discover how this form of digital marketing is absolutely FREE, aside from your time. Get insights and examples on how to set up your copy (content) and creative assets (graphics) for all your social media, website blog(s) and your eMail campaigns.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who TALK about it and those who ARE about it! Which one of these people are you? Ultimately the choice is yours. So, ACT NOW and start being about it!

-Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire

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Topher “Webfolkster” Maguire is on a mission to train and educate 1000 entrepreneurs, business owners or individuals so that they can get the most out of their digital marketing and increase returns on the investments they make using paid advertising to drive traffic by the end of 2019! Act now and become one of them.

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Digital Marketing Courses

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